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Library Instruction


Saint Peter’s University Library maintains a library instruction program to support the instructional and curricular goals of the university, assist faculty in preparing students for research assignments, and foster the development of information literacy competencies.

Our Library has adopted the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.  The framework allows us to articulate learning objectives for our instructional sessions and to facilitate the scaffolding of information literacy skills across an academic major.

We currently partner with the Writing Program to provide Library Instruction to all students in at least one of their required Composition courses. Saint Peter's librarians provide additional library instruction in an as-needed basis, supporting research assignments and learning objectives throughout a student’s academic career.  Our programmatic approach to library instruction is targeted and scaffolded to reach to students at the level appropriate for their movement through the university.  To this end, we view library instruction as an important collaboration with teaching faculty.  Planning and information sharing enables librarians to foster a wider array of information-literacy skills and avoid repeated exposure to the same instruction.

Our Philosophy

  • Information literacy is critical to student success and lifelong learning.
  • Teaching the research process is complex and involves collaboration with instructors or other campus partners through sustained, integrated, and programmatic approaches.
  • Library instruction sessions will be learner-centered experiences, utilizing active and problem-based learning techniques when possible.
  • We will provide learning opportunities at the most effective points in a student’s educational career, where our librarians’ time and expertise can have the greatest impact.  
  • Students have the right to transparency and agency in their learning, and librarians will use their expertise to teach as guides rather than gatekeepers.

Requesting Instruction

Librarians can develop customized, course-integrated learning experiences for your students, which may take the form of workshops, presentations, activities, research guides, online tutorials, or a combination of these teaching formats.

We encourage faculty to request information literacy instruction for any course with a research-related assignment. Please read the following before making your request.


  • Completion of the Library Instruction Request Form is needed to schedule information literacy instruction.
  • Instruction is tailored to your course research assignment, so we ask you to share details of the assignment with us as part of your request.
  • Sharing your course syllabus with us (a draft or older version is fine) is also beneficial so that we can see how the research assignment fits within the course as a whole and so that we know when components of the research assignment are due.
  • Please schedule instruction at a time in the semester when students are aware of the research assignment requirements and have had time to consider what their research focus might be. Students should be at a point in the research process where a hands-on workshop focused on conducting research will be most beneficial to them.
  • Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis, so please schedule early to ensure the date that best fits your students’ needs and provide us with 2nd and 3rd choices.

Faculty Engagement

  • Please plan to introduce the research assignment to your students prior to the class session taught by a Librarian.
  • Being present and engaged in the instruction we provide communicates to your students that what we are sharing with them is valuable. It also signals that the Librarians are experts and can be sought for further assistance beyond the class session
  • Your engagement during our instruction also invites your valuable insights into the research process of your discipline, and further integrates the content we teach into your course goals and content.
  • Communication between you and the Librarian teaching your class is essential to its success. We are especially grateful for feedback about the impact of our instruction on your students and their demonstrated learning in your course.

To request a library/research instruction session for your students from one of our librarians, please complete the following request form.

Please be as descriptive as possible. The more we know about your students' research needs, the better we can plan for the session.


Library Instruction Team


Mark Graceffo, MLIS, MSW
Librarian for Reference and Instruction


Daisy DeCoster, MLIS, MBA
Library Director