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Political Science

New Books

The Holocaust, Fascism and Memory

From interpretations of the Holocaust to fascist thought and anti-fascists' responses, this book tackles topics which are rarely studied in conjunction. This is a unique collection of essays on a wide variety of subjects, which contributes to understanding the roots and consequences of mid-twentieth-century Europe's great catastrophe.

A Fighting Chance

 An unlikely political star tells the inspiring story of the two-decade journey that taught her how Washington really works--and really doesn't.. As a child in small-town Oklahoma, Elizabeth Warren yearned to go to college and then become an elementary school teacher--an ambitious goal, given her family's modest means. Early marriage and motherhood seemed to put even that dream out of reach, but fifteen years later she was a distinguished law professor with a deep understanding of why people go bankrupt. Then came the phone call that changed her life: could she come to Washington DC to help advise Congress on rewriting the bankruptcy laws?  In this passionate, funny, rabble-rousing book, Warren shows why she has chosen to fight tooth and nail for the middle class--and why she has become a hero to all those who believe that America's government can and must do better for working families.

Thieves of State

The world is blowing up. Every day a new blaze seems to ignite: the bloody implosion of Iraq and Syria; the East-West standoff in Ukraine; abducted schoolgirls in northern Nigeria. Is there some thread tying these frightening international security crises together? In a riveting account that weaves history with fast-moving reportage and insider accounts from the Afghanistan war, Sarah Chayes identifies the unexpected link: corruption.  Chayes plunges readers into some of the most venal environments on earth and examines what emerges: Afghans returning to the Taliban, Egyptians overthrowing the Mubarak government (but also redesigning Al-Qaeda), and Nigerians embracing both radical evangelical Christianity and the Islamist terror group Boko Haram. IThrough deep archival research, Chayes reveals that canonical political thinkers such as John Locke and Machiavelli, as well as the great medieval Islamic statesman Nizam al-Mulk, all named corruption as a threat to the realm. 

The Supremes' Greatest Hits, 2nd Revised and Updated Edition

Can the government seize your house to build a shopping mall? Can it determine what control you have over your own body? Can police search your cellphone? The answers to those questions come from the Supreme Court, whose rulings have shaped American life and justice and allowed Americans to retain basic freedoms such as privacy, free speech, and the right to a fair trial. Michael G. Trachtman's page-turner breaks down 34 of the most significant issues ever decided by the Court - form civil rights to privacy rights, from the limits of speech to the limits of presidential power.

The Most Dangerous Branch

The Most Dangerous Branch takes us inside the secret world of the Supreme Court. David A. Kaplan, shows how the justices subvert the role of the other branches of government--and how we've come to accept it at our peril. It is the nine justices who too often now decide the controversial issues of our time.   Based on exclusive interviews with the justices and dozens of their law clerks, Kaplan provides fresh details about life behind the scenes at the Court - Clarence Thomas's simmering rage, Antonin Scalia's death, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's celebrity, Breyer Bingo, the petty feuding between Gorsuch and the chief justice, and what John Roberts thinks of his critics.  

Call Numbers

Most books on Political Science are arranged on the 2nd floor of the O'Toole Library.

You can browse the shelves, or more efficiently, search the library catalog to locate call numbers for the print collection.

J - General Legislative & Executive Papers

JA - Political Science (General)

JC - Political Theory

JJ - Political Institutions & Public Administration (North America)

JK - Political Institutions & Public Administration (United States)

JL - Political Institutions & Public Administration (Canada, Latin America, etc)

JN - Political Institutions & Public Administration (Europe)

JQ - Political Institutions & Public Administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc)

JS - Local Government. Municipal Government

JV - Colonies and Colonization. Emigration & Immigration. Internal Migration

JZ - International Relations

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