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InterLibrary Loan: InterLibrary Loan

Who's Eligible?

Current students, faculty and staff of Saint Peter's University are eligible for the Interlibrary Loan Service. 

Emeritus faculty may also use this service.

What may be borrowed?

  YES   NO
  • Books
  • Media (audio/visual)
  • Journal articles
  • Textbooks
  • Reference books
  • Rare books

Before Request

Before submitting your request, please check our library catalog or the search box below to see if we already own or subscribe to the book or periodical you are requesting.

If your needed resource is unavailable in our library, we'll do our best to locate it from other libraries via InterLibrary Loan (ILL).


Procedure for Users


1. Submit the Article Request Form online.

2. Check your Saint Peter's email for any update.

3. The PDF will be forwarded to your Saint Peter's email (typically within 3 weekdays). 

Book / Media

1. Submit the Book/Media Request Form online. 

2. Check your Saint Peter's email for any update.

3. Pick up the ILL item from the Circulation Desk of O'Toole Library, when notified via email. 

4. Return the ILL item to the Circulation Desk of O'Toole Library before due date. 

Arrival Time

Book/media requests: Typically, 10-21 weekdays.

Article requests: Typically, within 3 weekdays.

In rare cases, the process may take longer than expected. Please contact us if you have any questions about your request.

Notification & Delivery

Book/media requests: When the requested resource arrives, you will be notified by email. Please pick up from the Circulation Desk of the O'Toole Library.

Article requests: The PDF of requested article(s) will be sent to your Saint Peter's email as attached. 

Loan Periods & Renewals

Books Media Articles
3-4 weeks 3-7 days No limit

The actual loan period, including renewal, is stipulated by the lending library.

Books should be returned to the Circulation Desk of the O'Toole Library before due date.

If you need more time, please send us a renewal request at least 3 days before due date.

Please notice that, the grant of renewal is not always guaranteed.


Our library makes every effort to obtain materials at no cost. In most cases, Interlibrary Loan is free for our faculty, students and staff.

However, some lending libraries charge fees for interlibrary loans. In such cases, the requesters will be responsible for the fees.  We require payment of the fee before the loan will be processed.


The requesters assume responsibility for all borrowed books and materials, including overdue fines or replacement costs if applicable.


For any questions or concerns regarding the Interlibrary Loan policies or pending requests, please contact our InterLibrary Loan Specialist:

Alex Tropel 


Tel: (201) 761-6461