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Off-Campus Access

Connect from Off-Campus

Our Saint Peter's University students, faculty, and staff have off-campus access to our library's online resources, including e-books, e-journals, databases, etc. 

EZProxy is the tool to authenticate our library users from off-campus. It will prompt you to log in with your Saint Peter's credentials and then grant you access to the needed resource

Two steps to connect from off-campus:

1. Search from Saint Peter's home page search box.

2. Log in with your Saint Peter's credentials (the same username and password for BlackBoard and Spirit Online).

After successful authentication, you should have access to our library resources immediately.

If you encounter any access issue, please contact us (201-761-6460; 

How to connect from off-campus (in details)?

1. Click the EZProxy authentication link:

It will trigger the authentication process and prompt you to log in with your Saint Peter's credentials.

Another way to start the authentication is to click a link from

Each of those links contains our EZProxy prefix
For example:

2. Log in with your Saint Peter's credentials (the same username and password for BlackBoard/Spirit Online).

Your username is not your Saint Peter's email address. It's the part before @. For example, if your email is  then your username is jdoe17.

If you can't recall your password, please reset it via

Troubleshoot access issues

1. I tried to log in, but got an error message that my username and password were incorrect.

  • Check for any typo and see if the Caps Lock key is on (password is case sensitive).
  • Please notice that username is your Spirit ID, not email address.
  • If you forget your password or never set up one before, please reset it via

   You may test your username and password at BlackBoard or Spirit Online.

2. My professor sent me a link to an article available in our online library. But I couldn't open it. It lead me to an outside website, and wouldn't let me log in with Saint Peter's credentials.

Please check if there is an EZProxy prefix . If not, try to add this prefix before the article link. Then you'll be prompted to log in with Saint Peter's credentials and access the full-text. 

3. I clicked a resource link, but my browser only showed an empty page. I didn't even have a chance to log in.

   Please make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. Then try the link again and log in when prompted. 

  • Chrome: check "Settings" - "Advanced" - "Content settings" - "Cookies" - "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)".
  • Firefox: check "Menu" - "Options" - "Privacy & Security" - "History" - "Use custom settings for history" - "Accept cookies from websites".
  • Internet Explorer: check "Settings" - "Internet Options" - "Privacy" - lower the security level if the current setting is Block all cookies.
  • Safari: check "Safari" - "Preferences" - "Privacy" - "Cookies and website data” - "Always allow".

   If the issue still exists, please disable your pop-up blocker and let your firewall allow the access.
   If you have concerns about web security, you can always switch back to the previous settings after using the library resources.

4. I logged in, but got a message "Licensing agreements for these databases require that access be extended only to authorized users."

    Please make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. After switching the browser to accept cookies and logging in with your Saint Peter's credentials, you should be able to access the restricted resources as an authorized user.
    If the issue still exists, please contact us (201-761-6460;

5. I can't access a certain database. Other databases are fine to access.

    Please report the issue to us (201-761-6460; Our System Librarian will troubleshoot it a.s.a.p..

6. I can access the library resources from home, but can't access from my workplace.

    Probably the access is blocked by the firewall of your workplace. You need to contact the IT staff in your workplace.

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