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Archives: Record Groups and Classification Guide

Guarini Center Full Title


The Guarini Center contains over 900 linear feet of materials including paper, digital, and audiovisual items, which pertain to the history of the university or to the various special collections housed in the archive.

Finding aids will be available and searchable soon. 

Record Groups (RG)

RG-1 Saint Peter’s College, History & General Institutional Profile Information (1872-Present)

1.0 Act of Incorporation, By-Laws and Charter, 1872

1.1 School Administration Registers/Jesuit Diaries, 1872-1947

1.2/A Institutional History – General, 1872-1929

1.3/A Institutional History – General, 1930-Present

1.4 Annual Catalogs and Bulletins, 1888-Present

1.5 Promotional and General School Profile Materials, 1971-Present

1.6 Centennial Year, 1972

1.7 Fiftieth Anniversary of the School’s Re-Opening, 1980

1.8 One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1997

RG-2 Trustees, Board of

2.0 Trustees, Board of – Minutes and General Files

RG-3 Regents, Board of

3.0 Regents, Board of – Minutes and General Files

RG-4 President, Office of the

4.0/A Beaudevin, Victor, S.J. (1872-1874)

McQuaid, John, S.J. (1874-1888)

Cassidy, Peter, S.J. (1888-1891)

Harpes, John, S.J. (1891-1900)

Zwinge, Joseph, S.J. (1900-1902)

Fox, John W., S.J. (1902-1907)

McGrath, Edward J., S.J. (1907-1911)

Mulry, Joseph A., S.J. (1911-1915)

McDermott, James F., S.J. (1915-1921)

Graham, Thomas F., S.J. (1921-1925)

O’Reilly, Joseph P., S.J. (1925-1931)

Dinneen, Joseph S., S.J. (1931-1937)

Comey, Denis J., S.J. (1937-1943)

Hart, Vincent J., S.J. (1943-1949)

Shanahan, James J., S.J. (1949-1960)

4.1 Shanahan, James J., S.J. (1949-1960)

Clark, Edward F., S.J. (1960-1965)

McLaughlin, Leo P., S.J. (1965)

4.2 Yanitelli, Victor, S.J. (1965-1978)

4.2/A Yanitelli, Victor, S.J. (1965-1978)

4.3 Glynn, L. Edward, S.J. (1978-1990)

4.3/A Glynn, L. Edward, S.J. (1978-1990)

4.4 Degnan, Daniel A., S.J. (1990-1995)

4.4/A Degnan, Daniel A., S.J. (1990-1995)

4.5 Loughran, James N., S.J. (1995- )

4.5/A Loughran, James N., S.J. (1995- )

RG-5 President, Executive Assistant and Assistants to the

5.0 Executive Assistant to the President

5.1 Assistant to the President

5.2 Planning, Assistant to the President

5.3 Community and Government Affairs, Assistant to the President

RG-6 Presidential Committees and Offices

6.0/A Administrative Committees and Offices – General Information (See List Below)

6.1 Institutional Research, Office of

6.2 Affirmative Action, Office of

6.3 College Council

RG-7 Vice-President, Office of the – Collective Files

7.0 Vice-President, Office of – Various

RG-8 Academic Vice-President, Office of the

8.0 Academic Vice-President

RG-9 Academic Dean, Office of the

9.0 Academic Dean-Day Session, Office of the

9.1 Academic Dean-Evening and Summer Sessions, Office of the

RG-10 Academic Departments, Undergraduate Division

10.0 Academic Departments – General Information

10.0/A Academic Departments – General Information (See List Below)

10.1/A Academic Events, Organizations, Programs – General Information (See List Below)

10.2 Schedule of Courses

10.3 Accountancy and Business Law, Department of

10.4 Biology, Department of

10.5 Chemistry, Department of

10.6 Computer Science, Department of

10.7 Economics, Department of

10.8 Education, Department of

10.9 English, Department of

10.10 Fine Arts, Department of

10.11 History, Department of

10.12 Industrial Relations, School of

10.13 Management and Marketing, Department of

10.14 Mathematics, Department of

10.15 Modern and Classical Languages and Literature, Department of

10.16 Nursing, Department of

10.17 Philosophy, Department of

10.18 Physics, Department of

10.19 Political Science, Department of

10.20 Psychology, Department of

10.21 Sociology, Department of

10.22 Theology, Department of

10.23 Urban Studies, Department of

RG-11 Academic Departments, Graduate Division

11.0/A Academic Departments – General Information

11.1 Accountancy and Business Administration, Department of

11.2 Education, Department of

11.3 Nursing, Department of

RG-12 Faculty, Professors and Adjunct Instructors

12.0/A Faculty – General Information

12.1 Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs12.2 Faculty Senate

RG-13 Enrollment, Associate Vice-President for, and Office of

13.0 Admissions, Office for

13.1 Registrar, College and Office of the

13.2 Student Financial Aid Office

RG-14 Student Affairs, Office for

14.0 Vice-President for Student Affairs

14.1 Dean of Students

RG-15 Student Activities and Campus Life

15.0/A Student Activities and Campus Life – General Information (See List Below)

15.1 Campus Activities and Programs, Office of

15.2 Accounting Society

15.3 Alianza Latina, Spanish Club

15.4 Alpha Phi Delta

15.5 Argus Eyes, Student Drama Society

15.6 Asian-American Student Union

15.7 Black Action Committee

15.8 Campus Activities Board

15.9 Circle K Service Organization

15.10 Collins Chemistry Club

15.11 Economics Club

15.12 English Club

15.13 Gamma Sigma Sigma

15.14 Gioventu Italiana Club

15.15 Glee Club

15.16 History Club

15.17 Indian Culture Club

15.18 International Club

15.19 Irish-American Club

15.20 Law Club

15.21 Mendel Biology Society

15.22 Model United Nations

15.23 Middle Eastern Culture Club

15.24 Net, The, Student Handbook

15.25 Pauw Wow, Student Newspaper and Business Files

15.26 Pavan, Student Literary Journal

15.27 Pavo Java, Service Organization

15.28 Peacock Pie, Student Yearbook

15.29 Philosophy Club

15.30 Portuguese American Club

15.31 Psychology Club

15.32 Registered Nurse Association

15.33 Residence Life, Office of

15.34 R.O.T.C./Pershing Rifles

15.35 Sociology Club15.36 Student Senate

15.37 Voices of Praise Gospel Choir

15.38 WSPC-AM, Student Radio


15.40 Petrienne Society

RG-16 Academic Honor Societies

16.0 Alpha Sigma Nu – National Jesuit Honor Society

16.1 Cross Keys, Order of the

16.2 Michaelmas

16.3 Spur Society, The

RG-17 Finance and Administrative Services, Vice-President and Office of

17.0/A Financial Matters, Institutional – General Information (See List Below)

17.1 Financial and Budgetary Reports

RG-18 Advancement, Vice-President and Office of

18.0 Development, Office of

18.1 Alumni Relations, Office of

18.1/A Alumni Relations, Office of

18.2 Public Affairs, Office of

18.3 Annual Fund Officer

RG-19 Institutes, Departments, and Offices (cross reference with RG-6)

19.0/A Non-Academic Institutions and Offices – General Information (See List Below)

19.1 Advancement in Language and Learning, Center for (CALL) (cross reference with RG-10_

19.2 Advancement of Urban Education (IAUE)

19.3 Career Development Center

19.4 Community Service and Service Learning, Office for (cross reference with RG-15)

19.5 Computer Center, Academic

19.6 Cooperation Education, Center and Program for (related to 19.11)

19.7 Counseling Center

19.8 Health Services

19.9 Minority Affairs, Office of

19.10 Professional, Graduate, and Foreign Study, Center for

19.11 Experiential Learning and Career Services (related to 19.6)

19.12 Counseling and Psychological Services

RG-20 Library

20.0 O’Toole Library

RG-21 Jesuit Education

21.0/A Religious and Spiritual Life – General Information (See List Below)

21.1 Campus Ministry


RG-22 Intercollegiate Athletics, Office of and Recreational Life Center

22.0/A Athletic Department and Intramurals – General Information

22.1/A Recreational Life Center – General Information


RG-23 Commencement and Special Events

23.0/A Special Events, Ceremonies, Programs – General Information (See List Below)

23.1 Commencement

RG-24 Satellite Campuses and Local Schools

24.0/A Englewood Cliffs Campus

24.1/A Hudson College24.2/A St. Peter’s Preparatory School


RG-25 Publications

25.0/A Newsletters and Publications – Various Issues (See List Below)

25.1 Ephebeum and Saint Peter’s College Journal

25.2 Campus and Campus News, College Newsletter

25.3 Saint Peter’s College Magazine25.4/A Press Clippings


RG-26 Publications (Faculty, Staff, Institutional, etc.)

RG-27 Visual Images (Photographs, Slides, Drawings, etc.)

RG-28 Audio/Visual Images (Video Tape, Audio Cassettes, Movie Reels, etc.)

RG-29 Artifact Collection (Trophies, Banners, Buttons, Statues, etc.)

Special Collections – Individual Subjects

 (* These particular collections vary in size and substance. Some contain a single item, while others total several cubic feet. Specific index listings are available for most collections at the College Archives office.)

SC-1 Jersey City and Hudson County: Local History

SC-2 Durant, Will and Ariel/Ethel Hollowell – Historians

SC-5 Schute, Grace – Library Director

SC-6 Ivers, Edmond, S.J. – Library Director

SC-7 Chryst, Barbara – Dean of Students

SC-8 Cronin, Richard J., S.J. – Author and Historian

SC-9 Bracken, Dr. Nora – Author and Professor

SC-10 Latka, Robert – Basketball Scholar

SC-11 Gannon, Robert I., S.J. – College Dean and President

SC-12 James, Dennis – Announcer and Entertainer

SC-13 Smith, Dr. George – Research Physician

SC-14 Menendez, Robert – U.S. Congress

SC-15 Tuleja, Dr. Theodore – Author and Historian

SC-16 McMullen, Aidan, S.J. – Professor and Historian

SC-17 Boehme Collection/Mini-Professorship

SC-18 King, Martin Luther Jr.

SC-19 Doyle, Rev. Joseph Michael

General Information Collection Contents

 RG-6.0/A Administrative Committees and Offices – General Information

Academic Affairs, Office of

Academic Computer Center

Academic Dean, Office of

Academic Dean – Evening, Office of

Academic Planning Committee

Academic Standards Committee

Academic Vice-President

Academic Vice-President & Associate

Administrative Structure/Table of Contents or Organization

Administrators, Council of

Admissions Office

Advancement Office

Advising Services

Alcohol Task Force

Assistant to the President

Business Manager, Office of

Campus Beautification Committee

Campus Directory

College Council

College Planning Team

College Services, Director & Office of

Committee for Life, The

Curriculum Renewal Committee

Curriculum Renewal & Revision Committee

Dean, Evening – Continuing Education

Dean of Students, & Associate Dean

Dean, Student Life

Dean, Undergraduate, Evening & Summer Sessions

Educational Services, Office of

Enrollment Management, Office of

Evening Admissions, Office of

Executive Assistant to the President

Executive Committee Correspondence, 1973-74

Executive Vice-President, Office of

Freshmen, Dean of

“Get-Together Fridays”

Government Relations, Office of

Graduate Admissions, Office of

Honorary Degree Committee

Information Services, Office of

Institutional Research, Office of

Minority Affairs, Office of

Organization & Administration

Personnel Welfare Committee

Planning, Administration Committee

Planning Team, College

Professional Development of Faculty, Committee for

Public Affairs, Office of

Public Relations, Office of

Quality of Life Committee

Registrar, Office of

“Report of the Saint Peter’s College Task Force on Racial & Ethnic Harmony,” 1989

Research, Committee on

Resource Priorities Task Force

Retention Steering Committee & Task Force

Semester Calendar, Committee on

Standing College Committee Manuals

Statistics & Information Resources, Office of

Strategic Planning Committee

Student Affairs, Office of (cross reference with RG-14)

Student Life Committee

Task Force Reports

Vice-President Search Committee, 1991

10.0/A Academic Departments – General Information

Accounting/Accountancy Department

Afro-American Studies

Art Department

Biology Department

Business Department

Chemistry Department

Communications Program

Computer Science Program

Department & Program Information

Economics Department

Education Department

English Department

Fine Arts & Gallery

Fine Arts Department

History Department

Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities, Academic

Languages & Literature

Management & Marketing

Mathematics Department

Modern Language Department

Natural Sciences Program

Nursing Program

Philosophy Department

Physics Department

Political Science Department

Professional and Continuing Studies, School for

Psychology Department

Public Policy Program (Urban Studies)

Sociology Department

Theology Department

10.1/A Academic Events, Organizations, Programs – General Information

Academic Advising Center

Academic Calendar

Academic Development, Center for

Academic Programs

Academic Review Program

Academic Workshop Series

Academic Symposium

Academy of American Poets

Accreditation Reviews & Program Evaluations Calendar

Addendum 012

Admission, Application Forms

Admissions/Enrollment, Academic

Adult Education Courses

Affirmative Action Plan

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

“Apostolate of Education, The”

Arts & Sciences, College of

Associate Degree Programs

Association of Catholic Colleges & Universities (ACCU)

Association of Independent Colleges & Universities in New Jersey (AICUNJ)

Attrition & Retention

Award Recipients

Ayuda Universitaria Para Americanos (AUPA)

Basic Skills Instruction – Ford Foundation Proposal

Black Studies

Business Educational Systems Training (BEST)

Business School – Evening Division

Call (Center for the Advancement of Language and Learning) Center (cross reference with RG-19)

Career Development

Career Development/Cooperative Education (Combined File)

Catholic Teachers Sodality

Certificate Programs

Class of 1966 Study

Class of 1967 Study

Class of 1977 Study

Class of 1997 Study

Class Profiles – Counseling Center

College Advisers’ Handbook, 1977/78

College & University Environment Scales (CUES)

College Population

Combining Marketing and Geodemographic Research to Increase Out-of-State Inquires, 11/1/1994

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)

“‘Competence’ of a Catholic University, The”

Continuing Education, (Non-Credit Classes)

Continuing Education for Mature Women

Continuing Education for Women

Cooperative Education

Core Curriculum

“Core Curriculum, The Design for Liberal Education” Report

Counseling Center

Creative Writing Workshop – “A Collection of Fiction & Poetry,” Spring 1984

Curriculum Innovations

Dates & Deadlines (Test & Application)

Day Division – General Information

Dean’s List

Directory of Services

Durant Professorship

Durant Professorship – Crahan, Margaret E.

Durant, Will & Ariel, Chair in the Humanities

Education, Department of, Approved Programs for New Jersey Teacher Certification Report

Educational Opportunity Fund Grants & Program (EOF)

Educational Program – Hudson County American Institute of Banking (AIB)

Educational Testing Service, GRE & SAT

English as a Second Language

Enrollment Trends

Entering Student Support Program (ESSP) – replaced by Academic Success program (ASP), August 2001

Evening Division

Evening Session General Information

Evening-Weekend Session Catalogs

Examination Books (Blank)

Foreign Studies Center

Freshman Class Profiles

Freshman Classes – S.P.C. Data Tables for Mainstreaming Study, 1984-1988

Freshman Cohort, Fall 1992

Freshman Cohort, Fall 1993

Freshman Profiles & Questionnaires, Counseling Center

Freshman Resource Center

General Bulletin

Graduate, Professional, & Foreign Studies Center

Graduate Rosters

Graduate Scholarship Committee

Guarini Center for Governmental Affairs

Guidance & Testing Center

Hawaii Program

Higher Education Almanac

Honorary Degree List

Honors Committee & Program

Honors Program

“How to Choose a Course of Study”

Hudson County Education Association

Humanities, Council on

Industrial Relations, Institute of

Institutional Goals Inventory

Institutional Self-Evaluation

Instructional Resource Center

International Education Week


Mailing List Archives

“Management Ratios 1 for Colleges & Universities” Report

Medieval Seminar, Spring 1972

Metropolitan Summer Seminar

Minority & Cultural Diversity

Minority Student Information

Model United Nations

National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification Report

National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)

National Science Foundation Proposal, 1967

National Task Force on Higher Education and the Public Interest

New College Course Map and Transcript Files, The Changes in Course-Taking & Achievement, 1972-1993

New Jersey Department of Education & Higher Education

NJCEA/Princeton Papers

150-Hour Research & Report

“Operation Teepee” (Prose Control Program) #104, 1968

Paralegal Training

Partnerships for Academic Challenge & Excellence (PACE)

Peace & Justice Studies

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental Committee

Pre-Retirement Education Program

Public Policy Press


Race, Ethnicity & Gender Policy

Reading Center

Right-To-Know Training

Scholarship Report to B.O.T., Spring 1993

School of the Americas

Sexual Harassment Policy

Smoking Policy

Social Justice Program

Social Orientation Course

Special Academic Programs

Special Program for Credit

Student Associate Program

Student Service Learning

Student Services Division

Study-Abroad Program

Summer Academy

Summer Term

“Summer Thoughts” (Communications 110 Class)

Support Services

Tagliabue, John – Lecture Series

Technology Plan

Transfer Information

Urban Studies/Education, Institute of

Urban Studies/Education, Institute of – Challenge Grant

Volunteer School

Washington Center Program

Women’s Center

Women’s Center (Edward Heavey, S.J. File)

Writing & Learning Center

Work-Study Program

World Trade Institute

“Writing to Learn/Learning to Write,” Writing Across the Curriculum Casebook

15.0/A Student Activities and Campus Life – General Information

Accounting Society

ACM – S.P.C. Chapter

Alianza Latina

Alpha Phi Delta

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Sigma Nu

Americorps National Service

Asian American Student Union


Beta, Beta, Beta

Biology Club, (Mendel)

Biology Honor Society

Black Action Committee

Black Collegiate Cultural Society

Campus Activities, Board & Committee

Campus Community Service Council

Caribbean Culture Club

Chemistry Society, (Collins)

Circle K

Class of (years:1999-2000)

Club Directory & Club President Handbooks

Community Food Bank

Community Service & Service Learning (cross reference with RG-19.4

Cross Keys, Order of the

Deans Club, The

Debating Society, (Gannon)

Delta Sigma Pi

English Club

Evening Division Student Organization

Evening Division Student Organization & Spur Society (Combined File)

Foreign Study Program

Freshman Assembly, Elections, Events

Gamma Sigma Sigma

Glee Club

Gospel Choir

Greek Academy

Greek Council

Greek Players

History Club

History Society, (Keane)

Honor Society

Hudson County Science Fair

Indian Cultural Club

International Club

International Volunteer Program

Irish-American Club

Isshinryu Karate Club

Italian Club

Lambda Theta Phi

Latin Alliance

Law Club

Middle-Eastern Culture Club

Off-Campus Events/Places

Parent Handbook


Pavo Java

P.C. & P.C. Compatibles Club

Peacock Pie

Peacock Punchline Comedy Club

Peer Advising

Performing Arts

Phi Alpha Theta

Philosophy Club

Pi Mu Epsilon

Popularizer Club

Psychology Club

Psychology National Honor Society, Psi-Chi

Ring, School

“Service” Student Affairs

Sigma Tau Delta

Spanish Club

Stop The Insanity Committee (SIC)

Student Achievement Awards

Student Activities & Organizations

Student Activity Grant Applications

Student Government

Senate Minute – Student Senate Minutes

Spur Society

Student Entertainment Board

Student Involvement in the Decision-Making Process, Ad Hoc Committee

Student Referral Form

Student Senate

Student Support Services Program

Student Workshop, The

Students for Social Justice

Summer Scholar Program

Survey of Graduates

Taekwondo Club

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Walk Team

Women’s Group

17.0/A Financial Matters, Institutional – General Information

Accident & Sickness Insurance Program

Annual Fund

Benefactor Privileges

Blue Shield Dental


Development Office, Program & Campaigns

Employee Benefits Summary

Employment Benefits

Endowment Fund


Financial Aid & Planning

Financial Notes & Update

Finance & Administrative Services

Fund Raisers, Development

Fund Raising

Gift Clubs & Giving

Heritage Club/Shanahan Society

HIP of New Jersey

“Individual as a Donor, The,” Board of Regents Committee on Contracts, 1966

Marketing Services

Planned Giving & Council

Prudential Insurance

Purchasing Department

Retirement Plan

Salary Scale Information

Scholarship Information

Student Loans


Title I (Grants) & Title III (Loans)

Title III A.I.D.P. Grant Proposal Report, 1974

Title III A.I.D.P. Grant Proposal Report, 1979

Title III A.I.D.P. Grant Proposal Report, 1982

Title III A.I.D.P. Grant Proposal Report, 1984

Title III A.I.D.P. Grant Proposal Report, 1985

Title III A.I.D.P. Grant Proposal Report, 1986 (2 Copies)

Title III Higher Education Act 1965 (3/1984)

Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program

Treasurer’s Office

Tuition Plan & Information

Will Donations

Wood, James – Scholarship Program

 19.0/A Non-Academic Institutions and Offices – General Information (cross reference with RG-6)

Campus Safety/Security

Catalog Office

College Services, Office of

College Store

DAKA Food Services

Dining Services

Health Services

Help Desk

Housing, Off-Campus

Human Resources, Office of (cross reference with RG-6 prior to 9/1999)

Instructional Resources Center

Mail and Printing Services

Maintenance, Office of

McIntyre Lounge


Physical Plant

Rankin Hall Conference Room

Residence Life, Office of


Shuttle Van

Telephone Services

Wellness & Peer Education Center

21.0/A Religious and Spiritual Life – General Information

Advent Series

Ascension, Feast of

Ash Wednesday

Campus Ministry

Cathedral Basilica of Newark

Catholic & Jesuit Identity, College Committee on

Commissioning Ministers of the Church, Mass for the

Confirmation, Sacrament of

Episcopal Installment and Ordination Program Booklets

Fordham University – Walsh Library

Francis Xaiver, St. – Feast of

Holy Name Society

Holy Spirit, Mass of the

Holy Spirit, Mass of the Sermon, 1989

Ignatius Loyola, St. – Feast of

Ignatian Jubilee Mass

Ignatian Jubilee Mass, 4/21/1991

Ignatian Retreat

Ignatian Year

Interfaith Community Organization Rally, 10/4/1987

Jesuit Advancement Administrators

Jesuit Community

Jesuit Community of S.P.C. – Incorporation, 1972-73

Jesuit Deans of the Liberal Arts Colleges, Institute of

Jesuit Educational Association

Jesuit “Gathering” at S.P.C., 3/28/1998

Jesuit Higher Education, Institute on

Jesuit Identity

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Justice & Peace Committee

Knights of Columbus

Kolvenbach, Very Rev. Peter-Hans, Visit, 10/23/1998

Lenten Forum

Lenten Reflections/Lectures

“Many Faiths, One Prayer,” 9/24/1997


“Partners in the Enterprise,” Booklet on Jesuit Higher Education

Pax Christi

Prayer of Petition

Program to Promote Spiritual Exercises

Resurrection, Mass of

St. Peter’s Chapel

Spiritual Program

23.0/A Special Events, Ceremonies, Programs – General Information

Accepted Senior Day

AIDS Day/Week

AIDS Memorial Quilt

Alcohol Abuse, Task Force on

Alpha Sigma Nu

Ambassador’s Program

Art Gallery Exhibitions

“At The Door of the Twenty-First Century, Women’s Challenges,” Conference, 5/10/1996

Audio-Visual Conference

Baccalaureate Mass

Black History Month

Blood Drive

Business Symposium

Cabinet Planning Day, 2/22/1994

Calendar(s) of Events

Career Fair


Computer Workshops

“Confronting Secularism,” Conference, 12/2/1987


Creative Writing Workshop

Cuomo, Mario, 4/16/1985

Danforth Associates Forum, 12/1/1980


Distinguished Speakers Series

Diversity, Cultural and Racial

Drug-Anti, Education

Election Information

Entrepreneur’s Workshop

Evening of International Song and Dance

Family Day

Family Math Workshop Activity Sheets

Founders Day

Freshman Mentoring Program

Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation Manual, 1993

Freshman Week Orientation Programs, 1951-65

Graduation Salute

Holocaust Memorial Service


Inroads/New Jersey Inc. Workshop

Interdisciplinary Conference

Iraq Lecture

Journalism Careers Conference

Kennedy, John and Robert – Memorial Mass, 11/21/1969

King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. Day

LaMotta, Richard – Chipwich, Inc.

Leadership Development Series

Lecture Committee/Series

Liberty Science Center

Mahabharata, The

MDA Telethon

Mendel Lecture

Memorial Flyers, Pre-1996

Memorial Flyers, 1996-2005, then electronic form only


Multi-Cultural & Gender Awareness Week

Multi-Ethnic Luncheon

National Conference of Christians & Jews, Greater Hudson County Chapter Events

National Day of Silence

“New Immigrants & The American Dream, The” Lecture, 10/11/1979

New Jersey Academy of Science 43rd Annual Meeting – Program & Abstracts, 4/18/1998

Newport City Inaugural, 6/4/1986

Open Forum

Open House Information

Orientation Program

Parent Orientation

Parents Day

Peacock Palooza

Peacock Planner, Calendar of Events

Planning Day for the President’s Cabinet, 9/21/1994

Pope John Paul II Visit to America, 10/1995

Poster Day

Professional Day

Project Linus

Proposal Writing Workshop

Random Acts of Kindness Week

St. Patrick’s Day

Sawczuk History Conference

Senior Events/Week

Senior Prom

Social Environment Issues

Special Programs

Special Services Program

Spring Semi-Formal

Student Achievement Awards Banquet – S.P.C. & Ferris High School, 6/1/1990

Student Peace & Justice Group, Amnesty International Activity

Substance Abuse


Unity in Diversity Conference

Vicker, Charles J. and Anne B. – Lectures in the Natural Sciences

Volunteer Fair

Volunteer Luncheon Service

“Walk-As-One” Walkathon

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

“What Can I Do With a Major in…” Information

Women’s Focus

Women’s History Month

Writers at SPC

25.0/A Newsletters and Publications – Various Issues

Activities, Co-Curricular Newsletter

ACCU Update, Association of Catholic Colleges & Universities Newsletter

Campus Activities News/Campus Connection, Campus Activities & Programs Newsletter

Campus Safety News

Centering, Campus Ministry Newsletter

Classnotes, Institute for the Advancement of Urban Education Newsletter

Connections, Consortium for the Advancement of Private Higher Education Newsletter

Cooperative Education Newsletter

Discover, Admissions Newsletter

Dusk, Adult Students Newsletter

EOF News, Educational Opportunity Fund Program Newsletter

Evening & Saturday Program Newsletters

Excellence at S.P.C., Admissions Newspaper

Free Writers, Developmental English Publications Newsletter

Gut, Underground Newsletter

Hip Deep…, Student Newsletter

Horizon, College Planning Team Newsletter

Independent Proclaiming Observer, Evening Division Newsletter

K Planet, Circle K Newsletter

Library Scene, O’Toole Library Newsletter

Ljutich Letter, Campus Ministry Newsletter

Mathematics Comments, Mathematics Department Newsletter

Minority Affairs News

Moderator Minute, Office of Campus Activities Newsletter

Morgen, Christian Action Group Magazine

News About S.P.C.

Nursing News

Pathfinder, Student Interest Newsletter

Pavonia Heritage, Friends of S.P.C. Newsletter

Peacock’s Path, Community Newsletter

Personnel, Benefits Newsletter

Points to Ponder, Academic and Asst. Academic Deans Newsletter

Public Policy Press

Res Naturae! Science Department Journal

Senate Minute, Student Senate Newsletter

Service, Guidance and Testing Center Newsletter

S.P.C. Careers, Career Development Newsletter

SPC Core-Notes, Newsletter of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Core Curriculum

S.P.C. Guide to Grants, Office of Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs Newsletter

SPC Today, Public Relations Newspaper

Spectrum, Admissions Newsletter

Spelunkephobes, PUSCHE Philosphy Club publication

Student Life Newsletter

Student Poll, Market Intelligence for Higher Education Newsletter

Update, Office of Human Resources Newsletter

What’s Going on Here! S.P.C. Cepheans Newsletter

Whittle, Writing to Learn Project at S.P.C. Newsletter

Women’s Focus, Female Issues Newsletter

Writer’s Edge, Writing Program Newsletter

Zeitgeist, Psychology Department Newsletter


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