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Mission & Policies

Our Mission

The mission of the Saint Peter’s University Library is to support the instructional program and goals of the University and to ensure that every patron is an effective user of information and ideas. This mission is accomplished by providing intellectual and physical access to materials, by providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in using information and ideas, and by working to meet the individual needs of patrons to become discriminating users of ideas, information and technology, thus contributing to lifelong independent learning.

Library Policies

The Saint Peter's University Library seeks to provide its patrons with a secure environment conducive to study, reading and the appropriate use of materials and services. All individuals visiting or using the Library facilities or services must comply with the following guidelines for library use.

Use of subscribed electronic-resources, such as databases and ebooks, is available to current Saint Peter's University students, faculty, and staff from off-campus, via your network login. We regret that subscribed electronic resources are not available to university alumni due to contractual restrictions.

Library Entrance Policy

The mission of the Library is to serve the students, faculty, administration and staff of the University. Saint Peter’s University Library is closed to the general public as the University is a private institution.


Saint Peter’s University students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni must present a current Saint Peter’s University One Card in order to be admitted into the Library. If no card is presented, individuals seeking entrance will be directed to the One Card Office in the Enrollment Center or can call extension 6090 to inquire about obtaining a card during regular business hours.

Alumni of Saint Peter’s University

Alumni are required to have a University One Card. They have borrowing privileges and access to library computers. Interlibrary loan services are not available. Printing from any library computer is not permitted.

Children of faculty, administration, staff, students and alumni of Saint Peter’s University

Children of faculty, administration, staff, students and alumni may obtain access to O’Toole Library by arrangement with the Director or librarian on duty. 


Visiting and local clergy are allowed access to the Library with proper identification from their affiliated religious institutions. They will be allowed in-house usage of books. 

Consortia, VALE, METRO and Jesuit Passport faculty and students

Students from other colleges and universities that are members of consortia to which Saint Peter’s Library belong will be admitted with current ID and the proper paperwork issued by their institution libraries. Students’ use of materials is limited to agreements between the University Library and their home institutions.

Guests of Saint Peter’s University students

Students from other higher education institutions may be allowed access to Saint Peter’s University Library with a currently enrolled Saint Peter’s student. Only one guest will be permitted per visit. The University student must accompany the guest at all times. 

General public

The general public is not permitted in the O'Toole Library. They should be referred to Jersey City Free Public LibraryNew Jersey City University LibraryHudson County Community Library or Englewood Cliffs Public Library.

Saint Peter’s Prep students

St. Peter’s Prep administrators requesting the use of the University Library for honor students must submit a list of names prior to the beginning of a semester. Students must present valid ID to be admitted. 

Other guests

The Librarians reserve the right to limit access to individuals who do not comply with the policies listed above. If you have any questions regarding entrance policies, please contact the Library Director at ext. 6465 or email

Library Borrowing/Circulation Policy

For Students
Books circulate for a period of 30 days.  CDs, DVDs, and video cassettes circulate for one week. Students may have a maximum of 20 items checked out at one time (3 DVDs maximum).

Reference works, course reserves, and periodicals must be used in the library and are not available for circulation.

All materials are must be returned by the end of the semester.

Providing there are no outstanding holds or recalls on the material, loans may be renewed twice. If there are two or more holds placed on an item, the maximum loan period will be shortened to seven days.

For Faculty
Saint Peter’s University faculty may borrow books for a period of one semester, renewable up to a maximum of two consecutive semesters. Faculty may borrow reference works or periodicals for overnight or weekend use only. Faculty may have a maximum of 50 items checked out at one time.

For Alumni
Alumni must first obtain a valid One Card in order to access borrowing privileges at Saint Peters University Library. Books circulate for a period of 30 days.  CDs, DVDs, and video cassettes circulate for one week. Alumni may have a maximum of 10 items checked out at one time.

Renewals can be made three ways: in person at the Circulation Desk, by telephone during library hours at (201) 761-6461, or through the My Library Account.

Overdue/ Lost Material Policy

When library materials are more than 30 days overdue, a “library hold” will be placed on the student’s SPIRIT/Colleague account. The hold will be released when the overdue items are returned.

If a library user is unable to locate and return overdue items – they are responsible for:

  • the reasonable replacement cost of the item (determined by our Acquisitions Librarian)
  • a $15 processing fee.

We will make every attempt to find the lowest cost possible for replacing library materials. To make payment arrangements for the lost items, students should contact the Enrollment Services Center. Registration holds will be released only upon receipt of payment or the return of overdue materials.

To determine replacement costs, contact :

Tasheeda Capers, Circulation Services Coordinator

AnnMarie Ziadie, Acquisitions Librarian

To make payment arrangements, contact:

Enrollment Services Center
McDermott Hall, 1st Floor
(201) 761-6050

Library Donation Policy

Saint Peter’s University Library accepts gift donations used for the development of its collections and for the purpose of supporting the University community. Valuable to us are materials that fill gaps in our collection and support subject-area curriculum. Scholarly works, hard-to-find books or works on little-known topics enhance academic collections. Materials that duplicate our holdings, outdated textbooks, materials in poor condition, or in a usable format, will not enhance our collection. Gift donations will be treated as new acquisitions and hence will be evaluated by the same standards; relative to the research and teaching needs of the University.


Any materials given to Saint Peter’s University Library will become the property of the Library system. The Library will only gift material to its collection it deems relevant and appropriate. Materials not deemed relevant may be sold, re-donated and/or discarded by the Library. The Library will attempt to acknowledge each donor for record keeping purposes.

Appraisal Issues

All materials donated to Saint Peter’s University Library are considered non-cash charitable donations. If you need to have your gift appraised for tax deduction purposes, you need to do so prior to making the donation. The library itself is unable to provide appraisals. Please refer to IRS publication 526, Charitable Contributions, and/or publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service website at

If you have any further questions, we recommend that you speak to the Collection Development Librarian. We  will not accept any gift donations without the gift donation form being completed.  Under rare circumstances, we may ask the donor to re-claim the gifts due to spacing issues at the library for unusable items given.

Library Food & Drink Policy








The Library staff recognizes the desire to bring refreshments into the library. If you do please consider the following points:

Beverages should be covered at all times. Use extra care around the library’s electronic equipment.

Some foods are harder to consume “on the go” than others. Try to pick food items that are “dry” such as chips, cold cut sandwiches, cookies or candy bars.

Limit the amount of food brought into the Library. Items for a quick “pick me up” are OK. Full meals should be consumed in one of the appropriate dining areas on campus.

Be considerate when eating around fellow students. Some people prefer not to be around others who are eating. Avoid strong smelling items that others may find offensive.

Use discretion in picking a location to eat. Ideally the study area on the ground (lower) level is the best place to meet friends and to have quick refreshments.

Remember to clean up after you are finished. Waste and recycling bins are located in various locations in the building for proper disposal of food and containers. Simple courteousness on the part of everyone will help keep the Library litter free.

The Library staff may ask you to refrain from eating and drinking anywhere in the building if the above suggestions are not being followed. Such requests should not be taken personally. The staff is only trying to keep the Library environment pleasant and safe for everyone’s use.

Library Alumni Access & Privileges Policy

Alumni are required to possess an Alumni OneCard (available through the Enrollment Services Center) to gain entry to the Libraries.

Alumni are welcome to use the Library's Chromebox computers; however, they will need an active university Google account to do so. Less recent graduates who do not have active St. Peter's Google accounts should email with their class year and full name in order to be set up with SPU Google credentials.

Reference librarians welcome inquiries of a general nature. Research assistance for graduate courses being taken at other institutions should be directed to the student’s primary graduate library.

Alumni are welcomed to use printed material in the Library collections.

Alumni may borrow a maximum of 10 circulating items at any one time.

Photocopying and printing services are currently not available to alumni.

Off-campus access to subscribed electronic resources, such as databases, journals, and ebooks, is restricted to current Saint Peter’s University students, faculty, and staff due to contractual agreements with our vendors.