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Internet Resources

American Sociological Association
 As the national organization for sociologists, the American Sociological Association works at the national and international levels,aiming to articulate policy and implement programs likely to have the broadest possible impact for sociology the field of sociology. Their web site offers organizational news, trends in the field, research findings, and more.
Gallup  studied human nature and behavior for more than 75 years.  The "Gallup Poll'  has a s reputation for delivering relevant and timely research on a variety of issues in many the fields of: politics, religion,management, economics, psychology, and sociology.
ICPSR Web Site
The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. Social science data archives: social surveys, health surveys, historical data. 
INFOMINE: Social Sciences & Humanities
Gateway to scholarly internet resources.

Social Explorer
This site enables the user to analyze demographic and social trends and data using census data from 1790-2010.  The site is maintained by the City University of New York.

This gateway resource provides a pathway to scholarly resources, statistics, surveys, various topics in sociology as well as college programs in sociology and their contact information. 

Southern Poverty Law Center
The Southern Poverty Law Center, through the use of litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy,  is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.
Statistics Primer for Sociology
A concise and accurate explanation of various types of statistics such as correlational, descriptive and inferential that is provided by McGraw-Hill.