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Exhibits: Exhibit Guidelines

Current Exhibit

Welcome to Exhibits

The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library invites the Saint Peter’s University community to promote programs and events through library exhibits.

The objective of this joint venture is to support the University’s mission and focus awareness on library resources.

For more exhibits related information, please contact Reference Librarian & Exhibits Coordinator, Ilona MacNamara (201-761-6463;

Exhibit Spaces

1. Exhibit Display Case – Located on the main floor of the library.  Enclosed in glass, this space consists of 8 columns in total, with 6 of the columns containing 3 shelves each.  The shelves are spaced 16 inches apart and measure 30 inches wide.  The first and last columns contain 1 shelf each.

2. Display Shelves – Located on the rear wall of the main entrance to the library.  This space consists of 8 open wooden shelves stacked vertically, divided into 2 columns, measuring 20 inches wide with 18 inches between each shelf.


The Exhibit Display Case and Display Shelves are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Duration of Exhibits

Depending upon availability, exhibits will remain on display for 1 month.


Exhibit Display Case

• Reserve 6 to 12 months in advance for department conferences and symposia.

• Reserve 2 months in advance for sponsored student events and organizations.

Display Shelves

• Reserve 2 months in advance.

General Guidelines

Exhibitors must:

  • schedule a preliminary consultation with the Exhibits Coordinator, Ilona MacNamara;
  • conceptualize overall themes;
  • install the exhibit;
  • remove items by a designated date.

The Library cannot display original items due to lack of security and is not responsible for lost or damaged items. It also reserves the right to decline exhibit applications.


Ilona MacNamara, MLS, MA
Librarian – Reference & Exhibits Coordinator