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Rethinking School: How to take Charge of Your Child's Education

Our K-12 school system is an artificial product of market forces. It isn't a good fit for all--or even most--students. It prioritizes a single way of understanding the world over all others, pushes children into a rigid set of grades with little regard for individual maturity, and slaps "disability" labels over differences in learning style.

Teaching Critical Thinking

In a series of short, accessible, and enlightening essays, Hooks explores the confounding and sometimes controversial topics that teachers and students have urged her to address since the publication of the previous best-selling volumes in her Teaching series, Teaching to Transgressand Teaching Community.The issues are varied and broad, from whether meaningful teaching can take place in a large classroom setting to confronting issues of self-esteem.

E-Portfolios in Higher Education: a Multidisciplinary Approach

This book shares the collective experience of integrating electronic portfolios as assessment tools and as instruments for life-long learning in courses across various disciplines in higher education. It enables readers to trace the evolution of e-portfolios over the last ten years and to deal with the challenges faced by instructors and students when implementing e-portfolios in their respective courses. Further, the book suggests flexible ways of dealing with those challenges. It also highlights the relevance of electronic portfolios for the needs and demands of contemporary societies. As such, it speaks to a large target audience from a range of disciplines, roles and geographical contexts within the wider context of higher education in Asia and around the globe.

The Crisis of Campus Sexual Violence: Critical Perspectives on Prevention and Response

The Crisis of Campus Sexual Violence provides higher education scholars, administrators, and practitioners with a necessary and more holistic understanding of the challenges that colleges and universities face in implementing adequate and effective sexual assault prevention and response practices. In this volume, a diverse mix of expert contributors provide a critical, nuanced, and timely examination of some of the factors that inhibit effective prevention and response in higher education.

Case Studies on Safety, Bullying, and Social Media in Schools: Current Issues in Educational Leadership

This case book helps aspiring educational leaders prepare and respond to even the most difficult situations that occur on school campuses and in the school community. Bridging theory and practice, each chapter includes a detailed case, artifacts for analysis, explanation of relevant case and federal law, and guiding questions for discussion. Adapted from real-world examples, the case studies in this timely resource serve as essential exercises for aspiring and practicing leaders to ensure student safety and success.

Parkland: Birth of a Movement

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER On the first anniversary of the events at Parkland, the acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author of Columbine offers an intimate, deeply moving account of the extraordinary teenage survivors who became activists and pushed back against the NRA and feckless Congressional leaders--inspiring millions of Americans to join their grassroots #neveragain movement. In nearly twenty years witnessing the mass shootings epidemic escalate, he was stunned and awed by the courage, anger, and conviction of the high school's students. Parkland is an in-depth examination of this pivotal moment in American culture--and an up-close portrait that reveals what these extraordinary young people are like as kids.

The Price of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys its Way into Elite Colleges--and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates

NATIONAL BESTSELLER * "A disturbing exposé of the influence that wealth and power still exert on admission to the nation's most prestigious universities."--The Washington Post Book World    In this explosive book, based on more than two years of investigative reporting, Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Golden shatters the myth of an American meritocracy, disclosing what elite colleges won't tell you. Naming names, along with grades and test scores, Golden lays bare a corrupt system in which middle-class and working-class whites and Asian Americans are routinely passed over in favor of wealthy white students with lesser credentials--children of alumni, big donors, or celebrities. He reveals that colleges comply with Title IX by giving scholarships to rich women in "patrician sports" like horseback riding and crew and repay congressmen for favors by admitting their children.   The Price of Admission is a must-read not only for parents and students with a personal stake in college admissions but also for those disturbed by the growing divide between ordinary and privileged Americans. Praise for The Price of Admission   "Deserves to become a classic."--The Economist   "I was bowled over by The Price of Admission. . . . This book is essential reading for anyone connected with higher education."--Henry Louis Gates, Jr., W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of the Humanities, Harvard.